10 Ways Pet Retailers & Groomers Can Get More Google Business Reviews

If you want more customers and more sales, you need more reviews to build trust and show the popularity of your business.

A recent study has shown that there is a direct correlation between online reviews, consumer attitudes, and purchasing habits. (You can read the full study here).

Receiving business reviews for your pet retail or groomer location is an essential part of building its customer base. It also drives your company’s reputation in the area.

Here are 10 ways to get more reviews:

  1. Give out review reminders.

    Included in the customer’s bag should be a small card or flier that encourages customers to leave you a review. Include your Google page link as well as a friendly reminder to leave a review so that you can get their feedback about their experience.
  2. Create a standard request for reviews from every customer.

    Each time a customer makes a purchase, tell them that you want the community’s feedback. Let them know you would appreciate a review on Google about their experience. Make this a regular part of the checkout process.
  3. When you conduct surveys, always ask for a Google review.

    Whether the survey is a print flyer for customers or an email that sends them to a survey link, remind each recipient about how helpful it will be to your pet business to have Google reviews.
  4. Let customers know that it’s easy to create a review. 

    Customers don’t need to do anything special- they can simply rate the business with only a star rating if they choose to. If they want to add words, just a sentence or two is all that is needed.  
  5. Every business owner goes through a lot of emails. 

    At the end of each email, include in your signature a few words about leaving a review for your business. Then, leave a direct link that makes it easy for the recipient to click directly to the review page.
  6. Capitalize on your customer email list.

    Customers often sign up for marketing emails, reminders, etc., so that they can get the best deals for their pets. Those emails are a perfect marketing list. Create an email campaign that sends everyone on the list a quick request for a Google review.
  7. Use your website to ask for reviews.

    On your website, there may be several pages that are perfect for reminding customers to leave a review. You can create a review button that will take customers directly to the page, or put the link into anchor text if you prefer that look for your pages.
  8. Know how to ask in the right way.

    Everyone who visits your pet business should be asked to leave a review- not only the people who are happy with their experience. According to Google My Business guidelines, the request for reviews should be given out evenly. It’s also against the rules to offer any reward or incentive for doing so. 
  9. Ask for reviews from non-customers.

    Your pet business will have partners who work with you, vendors who deliver to you, and other professionals who are used to dealing with your business. They may not be customers, but they know what your business is like, and they have had their own experiences with your business. Make sure to ask them for a review too!
  10. Respond to the reviews you do get. 

    Try to reply to your reviews when possible. It’s also very important that if you receive a bad review, to show that you care about that person’s experience and that you want to do better for your customers. 

Let’s Recap

The more reviews your business has, the more reputable you are to consumers.

So, are you ready to grow your business?

After you’ve taken all these steps, your reviews should start flooding in and show a full view of what your business is like and how the customers and others are treated there. 

If your pet business would like an easy way to automatically increase online reviews, we recommend getting a quick and free tour from NextPaw to learn how the platform can help your business grow.


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