2020 Holiday Pet Retail Trends Worth Barking About

2020 Pet Retail Holiday Shopping Trends 

Picture it, it’s 2020 and people have been stationed inside their homes due to a global pandemic. And where do they turn to get their necessities? Online shopping. 

Now that the holidays are quickly approaching, online shopping is about to start earlier than ever. On top of that, Amazon Prime day is now in October and consumers are now able to get their holiday shopping done ahead of time. However, it is important to note, small retailers saw a 28% increase in sales during Prime day 2019. 

So what can you do as a pet retailer to be prepared for this holiday season and take advantage of the 28% increase in sales?

Pet Retail Holiday Ideas Marketing Trends 2 Pet Retail Holiday Ideas Marketing Trends

  • Take advantage of the increase in shoppers. Make sure your eCommerce is ready for more online orders
  • Stay competitive with the early sales 
  • Delivery services may get overloaded and delayed
  • Have an action plan and enough inventory readily available 
  • Offer consumer incentives for in-store pickup and local delivery 
  • When you can, advertise and utilize “by online and pick up in-store” (BOPIS) 
  • And if you’re feeling particularly jolly this holiday season, incentivize pet parents with a gift with purchase
  • Train sales associates to be ready for the holiday surge
  • Lastly, make sure sales and inventory are clearly visible because shoppers are less likely to be casually browsing at this time 

Bonus Fun Fact: 90% of digital revenue growth for stores offering BOPIS 

Now that you have the steps to help increase your sales this holiday season, make sure to put them in place. If you have any questions, or your online store isn’t quite there yet, take a free personalized tour of NextPaw software to get you ready for this holiday season. 


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