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Most people who dream of working with pets get up every day to spend their time taking care of pets who are in their care. On the other hand, running a small business is work, even for those who work in the pet retail space. Therefore, you need to make sure that you take care of your business. This is where scheduling software can be helpful. Even if appointment scheduling and email marketing did not make it into your original plan, it is important today. Therefore, you need to use scheduling solutions from NextPaw. We use Appointlet for all of our scheduling solutions! Learn more about this scheduling program below!

How Does Scheduling Appointment Work?

One of the major advantages of using our scheduling services is that it is easy to use. In order to use it, you should:

  • Visit your booking page first and customize your appointment schedule using the convenient program. You can list your available hours by the day and specify how long your appointments are.
  • Next, share your personal booking page with prospects and customers. You can even use Appointlet to integrate your scheduling page as a part of your landing pages, emails, and website.
  • Once your appointment schedule is up and running, your customers will be able to book an appointment using one of your available times. Then, their appointment is automatically added to both their calendar and yours. This eliminates the tedious back and forth that used to take place when it comes to scheduling appointments.

Appointlet is one of the easiest appointment scheduling solutions to use!

What Are the Benefits of Using Appointlet?

There are a few major benefits that you will enjoy if you decide to use Appointlet. These include:

  • Sales: When you use Appointlet, you make it possible for prospects to book an appointment with you at the peak of their interest. Therefore, you will see your conversion rates go up, which leads to more sales for your pet business.
  • Cycle: By cutting out the back and forth that used to take place between you and your clients, you can dramatically shorten your sales cycles. This means that not only will you close sales more quickly but you can also save time on tedious administration tasks. This is time that you can put back into your business.
  • Loyalty: With Appointlet, your customers are going to love how easy it is for them to book their appointments. With online booking, you can increase the confidence they have in you, helping you gain repeat customers while also standing out from the crowd.

These are just a few of the many benefits that you will enjoy if you decide to use Appointlet scheduling solutions.

Count on the Team from NextPaw!

At NextPaw, our goal is to make life easier for pet stores, dog bakeries, pet groomers, and other pet businesses. That is why we use Appointlet for all of our scheduling solutions as well. We take great pride in the services that we provide to our customers and that includes you! Contact us today and schedule a free demo to see what our software programs can do for you!



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