Automated Text Message Replies That Pet Retailers Must Have Ready To Go

Customer expectations are higher than they ever have been in the past. This includes the pet retail sector. When customers reach out to a business with a query, they expect to hear back as quickly as possible. If they go for a few days without hearing back, they are likely to go somewhere else. If they have a single negative experience for the business, customers are unlikely ever to return. Therefore, pet retail stores need to make sure they make a positive impression on their customers every time. That is where automated text message replies can be helpful.

Why Do Automatic Replies Matter?

Pet retail stores do not want to pay people to monitor their phone lines, email inboxes, and text messages constantly. On the other hand, they still need to respond to customers as quickly as possible. Automated reply messages are specific messages that customers will see when someone is busy, out of the office, or away on vacation. These automatic replies are essential because they:

  • Let customers know that someone has received their question.
  • Keep customers informed with a continuous stream of communication.
  • Ensure that customers receive prompt responses, which is critical for their brand

There are a few automatic messages that pet retail stores should always have set up for their customers with this in mind.

The Top Auto Reply Messages for Pet Retail Stores

It is critical for pet retail stores to make sure they have automatic replies setup. That way, they can quickly and efficiently respond to questions from customers. Some of the top automatic replies include:

  • The Offline Response: If a business is closed, it helps set up an automatic reply with the business hours of operation. Then, make sure a form is supplied so that customers can provide a comprehensive query. Let the customer know that someone will get back to them as quickly as possible.
  • The Queue Response: If the business is open, but all of the agents are busy, people need to know where they are in line. This is called the “queue” message. Provide customers with an estimated time within which someone will get to them.
  • The Out of Office Reply: If someone is reaching out to a specific individual, make sure that person has an out-of-office message set up if they are on vacation. Provide the customer with an alternative contact line and let the customer know when they will be back in the office.

These are a few of the top automatic replies that pet retail stores need to have set up. Ensure that each automatic response sets clear expectations for the customer and always provides customers with alternative ways to contact the business.

Get the Most out of Automatic Replies with NextPaw Software

Pet retail stores can have an unlimited number of automatic replies set up for particular situations. That is where NextPaw Software is helpful. If you want to make the best impression possible on your customers, then contact us today and schedule a free tour of our software program!



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