Online Event Management

Streamline the Planning, Promotion, Publication, and Distribution of Events.

Pet parents are searching all across the digital universe for nearby events to attend. Yet, as a small business, promoting every event you host across your website, social media, and event sites can seem like an impossible task — especially if you need to coordinate multiple locations.

Bring your teams together for a streamlined planning and automated promotion, so every event you host can be discovered in search.

Broadcast Events to Local Consumers

Consumers expect to find information anywhere they happen to be searching. Failing to effectively share your event details across all of the many search engines, apps, social networks, and event sites means you are missing out on opportunities for consumers to engage with your local business.

With NextPaw, your events are broadcasted to Google and 34 other event discovery websites with a single click. Automatically place your events on local bulletins where people find out about things going on in their communities.