Every message, every channel, all in one easy-to-use inbox.

Never Miss Another Message

One inbox for every message, synced directly from the channels your shoppers are using the most.

Your Customers Have Questions

No one wants to wait on hold - give your customers the option to get in touch when and where they need you.

You Have Answers

Respond to questions, book appointments and make sales within any conversation directly from NextPaw’s integrated, all-in-one inbox.



Step 1

Streamline Conversations

Stop wasting time hopping across the internet to answer messages. NextPaw’s inbox syncs across Google, Facebook, Instagram and Webchat messages.

Step 2

Get Custom with Templates

Cut down on response times for your most asked questions with personalized templates.


Step 3

Send on Your Own Schedule

No need to wait up for the perfect time to send a text — pick a time and date and NextPaw will handle the rest.

Step 4

Payments Made Mobile

Get paid for the products, services and subscriptions 
you offer instantly with text payment links.


Step 5

Get More Mobile Subscribers

Store customer profiles, review chat logs, manage previous orders, and more all from an unlimited CRM.

Everything You Can Do With NextPaw Messaging

Omnichannel Inbox

Chat seamlessly with customers across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Webchat and more all from one, unified inbox.

Text Payments

Make payments and subscriptions a part of the conversation by sending secure, convenient payment links in any message.

Advanced Scheduler

Don’t feel obligated to reply right away. Pick the time and date you want your message to send and NextPaw will handle the rest.

Auto-Response Texts

Personalized auto-response text messages keep customers in the loop during every step of the shopping journey.

Unlimited CRM

Personalized contact profiles make it easy to review chat histories, order details, and keep crucial customer information within reach.

Mobile App

Respond to customer messages, book appointments, and make sales from anywhere with the NextPaw Mobile App.