Turn social conversations into your biggest sales channel.

Make Payments Part of the Conversation

Say goodbye to online checkout, and say hello to text payments - a.k.a the easiest way to pay or subscribe with a single click.

Your Customer Gets a Text

Send a quick, automated text with a link to pay for any product, service, or subscription you offer.

It’s fast for you and convenient 
for your shoppers.

You Get Paid Instantly

Customers settle their tab directly from their phone - you get the money deposited in your account the next day.

This is what we in the industry call a “win-win.”



Step 1

Turn Chats Into Cash

Make payments a part of the conversation by sending secure, convenient payment links in any message.

Step 2

Pick Your Payment Type

Debit, Google Pay, Apple Pay, it doesn’t matter - power your shoppers to pick their favorite payment method for any purchase.


Step 3

Set Up Subscriptions

Add shoppers to recurring subscriptions on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis for any product, service, or box you offer.

Step 4

Manage Multi-Locations

One location or 100, it doesn’t matter - NextPaw ensures your message always gets delivered to the right place.


Step 5

Get Paid Faster

Next day deposits and low transaction fees means money hits your account faster than traditional payment methods.

Everything You Can Do With NextPaw Payments


Personalized auto-response text messages keep customers in the loop during every step of 
the ordering process.

Next Day Deposits

Mobile payments deposit into your account the very next day - meaning you spend less time chasing down payments

No-Hassel Setup

No code, no stress, no apps for your customers to download - just one integration directly in your NextPaw dashboard.

Schedule Payments

Send payment requests on your own schedule. Pick the time & date you want your payment link to send and we'll handle the rest.


Add shoppers to recurring subscriptions for any combination of products, services or boxes that you offer.

Secure & Compliant

Backed by Stripe, all transactions are compliant with PCI standards across Google Pay, Apple Pay, Credit or Debit payments.