Want more traffic and sales to your eTailPet online store? Read this first.

NextPaw helps you get found online by local pet parents searching for the pet food, brands, supplies, and services you offer! The most successful pet retailers who use eTailPet are implementing NextPaw to get found, chosen, and paid by pet parents every day.

In this article, we'll explain how pairing eTailPet or any other eCommerce solution with NextPaw in your online toolbelt will help you reach the local pet parents in your community in order to generate more sales, acquire more customers, and make more money. Cha-Ching! 🤑

What is eTailPet?

eTailPet offers a website with eCommerce and POS functionality enabling you to sell online for curbside pickup and local delivery. You can pre-load your website with thousands of product SKU’s and quickly be able to offer these products to local pet parents that find your website.

eTailPet is a quick, easy solution to selling online in a time when shopping online is key.

Customers Have Changed the Way They Shop - Forever.

Many independent pet retailers are rushing to eCommerce platforms such as eTailPet, Shopify, Endless Aisles, Liquid Retailer, Lightspeed, or even Wix so they can sell their pet food and supplies online.

Why? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic selling online is vital, and for some, it's the only option to bring in revenue. In the past, an independent pet retailer focused on their customer's in-store experience and many felt selling online was out of reach or too cumbersome. Now every pet retailer is being put into a position where selling online must happen to survive.

The Problem

Google's #1 goal is to provide the best possible answers to local searchers. They provide those answers in the form of driving traffic to the well-optimized Google My Business pages of local businesses.

When a shopper searches for where to buy a product, Google will push that consumer to the Local Pack. The local pack business listings show above all organic website results, encouraging retailers to find and engage with your Google My Business page. Meaning people can call, message, learn about the business, and more before even visiting the website.

E-commerce is a great solution for proving another easy shopping option for your customers, but being found and chosen by NEW customers is critical to growing revenue. Having an outstanding Google My Business page designed to drive traffic to your e-commerce store is the best way for your store to stand out from the pack.

The Solution

eTailPet is an eCommerce management software that helps pet industry retailers create an online store and manage orders. NextPaw is a Customer Experience management software that puts your store in front of local pet parents when they are searching for the products and services you offer - which is where the magic happens.

Once you have an online store and you're ready to sell online, acquiring new customers, and even taking customers from Chewy or Amazon is where NextPaw comes in.

Pet retailers use NextPaw to own their customers' experience across all major search & voice engines to boost online rankings (SEO) and to attract more consumer engagement. NextPaw helps local independent pet retailers increase their search engine rankings ensuring more pet parents are finding and engaging with their store.

Once a pet parent finds you on Google, Bing, Apple Siri, Alexa, Facebook, or any other major source of answers, they are presented with a beautiful, digital in-store experience designed to push that consumer to perform an action. An action is something like a phone call, a new message, an online order on your eTailPet website, a service request or booked appointment.

NextPaw provides pet retailers with an industry-first business listing and suite of digital tools in an online dashboard or mobile app your store then uses to attract and turn online searches into online customers.



At NextPaw, our mission is to help independent pet retailers attract and retain local pet parents as customers. Utilizing eTailPet to sell online and NextPaw to be found when pet parents are searching for the pet food, brands, and products you offer is the best way to ensure that you're business is the pick of litter for local shoppers.

By having eTailPet integrated, a pet retailer puts its store into a position to truly own the entire digital consumer experience by being found online, getting chosen over the competition, while then getting paid through an online order.


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