Facebook Shopping and Why Your Pet Retail Business Needs to Know About It

2020 has been a challenging year for pet retailers and it is important for everyone in this industry to take advantage of all technological features available to them. This includes Facebook Shops. Facebook Shops will be rolled out incrementally during the next year. Given that hundreds of millions of people use social media on a daily basis, it is important for pet retailers to have a strong social media presence. It is always a good idea to create a business profile on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, it is also important for pet retailers to take advantage of Facebook Shops, which recently went live.

An Overview of Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops has made it easy for pet retailers to set up an online store that can be accessed both through Instagram and Facebook. Furthermore, creating a shop on Facebook is free. It only takes a few minutes for pet retailers to get set up. It is possible for businesses to choose products from their catalog that they would like to feature. Then, they can customize their online store to match the look and feel of their brand. This includes a cover image, accent colors, and more that helps a brand’s online identity remain consistent with its physical store.

As a result, pet retailers, no matter how big or small they might be, can bring their products to the online world. During an era when consumers are reluctant to enter a physical store, this is a major potential revenue stream that all pet retailers need to take advantage of.

Leverage Facebook Shops To Announce New Products

One of the major implications of Facebook Shops for pet retailers involves new product launches. With numerous new products being released for pets on a regular basis, pet retailers likely have a rotating carousel of new products that they would like to feature. This is one of the major advantages when it comes to marketing through Facebook Shops.

Facebook provides pet retailers with a treasure trove of information at their fingertips. It is possible for pet retailers to access user data that can provide highly targeted ads through Facebook for new products. With the rollout of Facebook Shops, this is only going to make online advertising through Facebook that much more powerful.

For example, if a pet retailer has a new health food that has been designed specifically for puppies, it is possible to use Facebook to find potential followers and subscribers who recently welcomed a new puppy into their lives. Then, through Facebook Shops, it is possible to Target this new health food product for puppies directly to them.

Additional Benefits of Facebook Shops

Some of the other added benefits of Facebook Shops that all pet retailers should know include:

  • One-click checkout, which makes it easier for people to purchase products and reduces cart abandonment rates
  • Machine learning can be used to identify and tag products and photos efficiently through Facebook Shops
  • Chatbots can be used through Facebook Shops to drive conversions and sales

In order to make the most of Facebook Shops, use Nextpaw’s Software for pet retailers. Have any questions? NextPaw is here to help, take a free personalized tour and get started!


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