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Fangs and Fur opened their doors in February 2020, in Columbus, Ohio. Two weeks later they started with NextPaw software. In a recent analytics review, we discovered that despite this global pandemic they were thriving. Their views on Google Maps increased by 322%, their Google My Business searches saw an increase of 489%, and their clicks to the website increased by 175%! 

Fangs and Fur was created because of a near-death experience with their new puppy, owners Anthony and Danielle went through. After hearing that the food that they were giving to their dog is what nearly killed him, they knew they had to help other pet parents learn the dangers and make a change in the pet food industry. Their mission is to educate pet owners on natural, raw, and fresh food diets for their dogs and cats.

Opening an independent pet retail business is difficult in itself. But opening an independent pet retail business right before a global pandemic that closed doors for all businesses is no small feat. During this time, Fangs and Fur faced adversity trying to navigate how to have a successful business in such an unpredictable time. With the help of NextPaw software, they were able to build a successful and solid foundation for their sales, website views, and search results in a matter of months.

NextPaw software provides an all in one solution to independent pet retailers. NextPaw helps you grow by putting your business in front of those pet parents when and where they are looking for products and services across major search engines, social sites, and voice technologies. By using the dashboard and modernized set of tools, it's easy for pet parents to communicate, buy online, leave reviews, claim promotions, find events, and more. NextPaw puts you in front of the customer during each step of their journey to your digital front door.

Fangs and Fur was born out of love and continues to succeed because of the passion and heart behind its doors. But NextPaw software has helped increase visibility time and time again. With NextPaw software, you are able to communicate easily with pet parents, update your website whenever you want, and access many many more features with the dashboard.

Answer: The messaging center is so helpful, Steve's feed is so helpful for IG, and the app is awesome to be able to upload promotions and update store info.

Answer: Our visibility online has increased, we are above the top stores that come up for pet food stores!

Answer: I was in hospitality out of college and after a personal experience with my dog it led to MUCH research and certifications into pet nutrition. Once we committed to opening the store, we moved to Columbus to educate local pet owners.

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There are hundreds of pet retailers using NextPaw across the country to see success. These are a few examples from top retailers who love NextPaw. If you want a partner that will do everything in your best interest, it's NextPaw!

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