How Pet Businesses Can Be Found on Nearby Neighborhood Searches

In today’s era, the vast majority of people use the internet when they are looking for products and services. Even though studies have demonstrated that eCommerce sales are poised to pass brick and mortar sales in the near future, this does not necessarily mean that retail is dying. The reality is that the vast majority of people still conduct retail sales offline. At the same time, the internet is still critically important in the world of pet retail. Before visiting a brick-and-mortar store, many people use the internet to figure out what stores are in the nearby area. This is why all pet retailers need to have a strong digital presence for “near me” searches.

What Is a “Near Me” Search?

A “near me” search is a specific type of search that is tied to local search engine optimization. When someone triggers a local search for any search engine using certain terms
such as:

  • City or town names
  • Zipcodes
  • The words “near me,”

The search engine is going to track the user’s IP address and pull up results that are close to their geographic vicinity. Therefore, all pet retailers want to make sure that their name pops up when someone conducts a local, “near me,” or neighborhood search for pet products and businesses.

What Does the Rise of “Near Me” Searches Mean for Pet Retailers?

The rise of local searches has been triggered by search engines simply trying to find ways to better meet the needs of their users. Therefore, pet retailers need to make sure that they are adapting to these changing search engine algorithms, as more of their traffic is going to be driven by local searches.

For this reason, it is important for pet retail stores to make sure they are optimized for local searches. Some of the tips to follow include:

  • Pet retail stores with multiple locations should make sure they have a separate location page on their website for all locations
  • Name, address, and phone number (NAP) information has to be correct for every page
  • Pet retail stores need to make sure they fill out their Google My Business profile, as information from this profile could be featured in local results

The goal of optimizing for local searches is to make sure that your potential consumers and customers can find you quickly and easily.

How Can Pet Retailers Adapt To How Consumers Find Information?

Consumers are changing how they find information. Therefore, pet retail stores that would like to compete in the modern era need to make sure that they adapt to these changing times as well.

Lots of consumers are using the internet to help them make purchases in addition to the rise of e-commerce. In the future, consumers are also going to use voice searches to find what they are looking for, so it is important for pet retailers to stay on top of these trends. This is where NextPaw can help.

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