Looking at the State of Local Pet Businesses in 2020

During the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way consumers behave. This includes local pet businesses. Pet stores have been seriously impacted by the pandemic and they are busy looking for answers. One option is to look at some of the trends in consumer behavior. There are a few key trends that have emerged from this challenging time that pet stores should note. By keeping consumer behavior in mind, they can tailor their marketing tactics and business strategies to meet the needs of their customers.

Trends and Statistics from Consumer Behavior that Pet Stores Must Note

Some of the key trends to keep in mind include:

  • Close to 85 percent of all consumers have picked a business due to the presence of services that are friendly during the pandemic
  • More than half of all consumers are avoiding establishments that do not provide services that are friendly during the pandemic
  • More than 85 percent of all consumers expect that businesses are going to offer other means of communication and services when compared to last year

Keeping these trends in mind, there are a few impacts that this is going to have on local businesses. These include:

  • Close to 90 percent of all consumers state that they are going to return to a business even after the pandemic lifts if the business altered its practices during the pandemic
  • Most consumers expect that businesses are going to offer non-contact payment options
  • Close to two-thirds of all consumers state that businesses that have moved to text communication are more convenient and this is the preferred channel of communication across all age groups
  • Half of all individuals over the age of 60 report that they have texted with a business in the past month

With these points in mind, it is critical for vet practices and pet stores to look toward 2021 as well.

A Case Study from NextPaw: Pet Store Marketing Expert

When looking specifically at the pet industry, NextPaw recently conducted a case study to see how a few changes would impact a local neighborhood pet store and bakery.

By working with NextPaw to revolutionize the way the business handled its operations in 2020, some of the key results to note include:

  • There was a 300 percent increase in the number of phone calls this pet store was receiving
  • The total sales increased by more than half
  • The online traffic of the pet store doubled

By taking a look at the numbers, figuring out which metrics matter most, and deciding how best to meet the needs of customers (particularly during the pandemic), it is possible for pet stores and vet practices to not only survive but also thrive during this turbulent time.

Looking to 2021: Partnering with NextPaw

Right now, these are uncertain times that require a focused response. That is where NextPaw can help. At Nextpaw, we can leverage all of our experience and industry expertise to help you revolutionize your marketing plan during and after the pandemic. Contact us today to learn how we can help your pet business!


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