Make Your Offline Traffic Work for You While You’re Offline

Keep your pet business on the top of all searches.

Your online goal as a local retailer is to be found by consumers when they are looking to buy the products and services that you offer. Did you know that 46% of Google Searches are to find a local business?

It’s critical that you are being found, and chosen when pet owners are searching for you on Google. NextPaw does this for you automatically, and we give you the tools that you need for even greater results. Here are five tools to help you get started: 

Tool Number One: Promotions

  1.  Use your NextPaw Mobile App, or Web App to create your promotion. 
  2.  Get the word out about your promotion by adding an announcement to the top, front, and center of every page of your website. 
  3.  Leverage your social presence by sharing the promotion URL on social media, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Tool Number Two: Blog Articles

Write a blog post once per month that answers common questions that pet owners have. It’s valuable for both consumers and search engines! Think about the top 10-20 questions you get asked, and write a blog post for each of those questions in this format:

  1. Title = The question. “Why does my dog have itchy skin?”
  2. Body Content = The answer. Promote your store by offering the solution, and how you can help provide that solution.
  3. Don’t forget to share your blog article on social media, Facebook, and Instagram!

Doing this helps your store become the local market leader for what you do. Your goal is to promote your store and products, but also to become a trusted and valuable source of information to your community. By publishing blog articles to become a local thought leader you establish your business website as the authority on all things pet with consumers AND search engines. 

Tool Number Three: Build local audiences on social media!

This applies specifically to Facebook and Instagram for your local market. No other social platforms (Looking at you Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) are worth your time because they won’t have a great return for your efforts. Your consumers are primarily going to play on Facebook and Instagram so pushing information about your store such as promotions, and blog articles with the helpful information in front of your Facebook and Instagram audience keeps your store at the top of mind for the consumer. 

Social media is like radio advertising. You hit a large geographically targeted audience with a consistent message that keeps your brand alive on those platforms. Creating monthly content like promotions, blog posts, and newsletters are great pieces of content to share on social media to keep the fanbase active and growing.

Tool Number Four: Email and Text Message Lists

It’s important to take advantage of an email marketing system. NextPaw integrates with Constant Contact and MailChimp. We recommend MailChimp for its relatively low cost, ease-of-use, and powerful features.

  1. Get all of your existing customer emails into the email marketing system. Your NextPaw website will automatically place all new subscribers into MailChimp or Constant Contact for you!
  2. Hit your email list strategically with value, and to promote your store’s products and services.

PRO TIP: Establish your local business with a quarterly email newsletter about your community. Create an email once per quarter that tells your email list about upcoming community events, positive news about the community, and of course, promotions for your store and educational articles about pets. Try this quarterly for a year, and your list will come to learn they have a fun source of community updates they care about from their local pet store.

Text Message Lists

Text or SMS Marketing is similar to email marketing, the medium is different. Text messages are much more personal, and intrusive which comes with advantages and disadvantages. Text message marketing must be used carefully since people don’t like “spammy” texts. 

Tool Number Five: Got an online store? Get your products on Google Shopping.

If you’re already using NextPaw’s powerful e-commerce platform, send a message to ‘’ to learn about the beta program* for Google Shopping and to see if you qualify. If you aren’t using NextPaw’s e-commerce platform and you are interested, drop a line to 

Sneak Peek Alert

Keep your eye out for early access to a Text Message Marketing tool from NextPaw. We also have some new platform capabilities being released in the next 4-6 months that will drive more consumers to your store from the brands you carry that also work with NextPaw. So far we have over 30 brands engaging with NextPaw to take advantage of new, a retailer focused, features that we’ll be announcing in a few months.

These are just a few ways to take your online visibility to the next level. Remember, diligently making these efforts is a great way to make sure that you’re not just getting online traffic, but foot traffic too!

*There are additional fees at this time since our beta platform is powered by a trusted third party.




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