NextPaw's SuperZoo Mission is Simple

At Superzoo 2022, we went to connect with pet brands and local retailers to provide free “Where to Buy” technology built to drive shoppers directly to a nearby store.

After 100's of conversations with store owners and manufacturer teams, how did we do?

Two Paws Up From Local Retailers & Brands

Local retailers are hungry for an all-in-one technology stack that’s built with the pet industry in mind. For them, implementing digital tools needs to be seamless, cost effective, and deliver on the promise to drive more sales. 

Business owners and brands alike were interested to learn that NextPaw’s intuitive platform not only fits right into their existing workflow, but also boosts SEO and sends shoppers to their doors. Pet manufacturers learned they can get started with the industries #1 store locator solution that enables shoppers to find and buy directly from local pet retail stores on the manufacturer website. Pet retail stores were thrilled to learn about the new benefits now available to them and how to get started for FREE with NextPaw to earn their Verified Retailer Badge and Claimed Listing that connects them to the brands they sell in-store.

NextPaw Team at SuperZoo 2022

Familiar Faces, New Brands & A World Pet Association Partnership

At this year’s packed out event, the NextPaw team's plan is to divide and conquer - chatting with familiar faces, shaking hands with industry partners, and building relationships with brands that are making a splash in the marketplace.

Candace D’Agnolo from Pet Boss Nation  stopped by to learn and share her feedback on NextPaw's new features that enable a retailer to boost their SEO and drive up local sales! We were thrilled to hear her say "I LOVE IT!" Stay tuned for more updates from NextPaw and Pet Boss Nation as we co-op on digital marketing education and tactics pet retail stores can use to drum up more sales.

Candace D'Agnolo from Pet Boss Nation and Missy Gurga from Dr. Matry with Brandon Swenson of NextPaw

Dr. Marty has been thrilled to use NextPaw's where to buy solutions for their premium freeze-dried raw foods, treats, and supplements. Just months after launch, the brand has seen huge success from adding our store locator to their website. With over 13,000 store locator views and more than 34,000 location searches, Dr. Marty's website is seeing more consumers than ever are finding products, engaging with local pet retail stores, and simply buying more.

Announced during the annual SuperZoo Chairman’s reception, NextPaw has partnered with the World Pet Association to build a free industry-wide database of pet products to empower retailers and other technologies to have access to accurate product data consumers should trust to buy, across the various consumer facing sales channels that exist today.

"Traditional Store Locators Are Turning Shoppers Away"

NextPaw founder Brandon Swenson explains during his Wednesday show floor talk titled "How to Get More Sales from Pet Industry Brands" that store locators that exist today do not answer the questions a consumer has when looking to make a purchase decision.

Because of this, brands are actually sending their visitors back to the search engine insteaf of helping them find a nearby pet store to buy from. With nearly every seat filled, audience members watched live how a consumer can use this new store locator technology to not only see the products a nearby store carries, but how easy it is to take an action that leads to a sale without ever leaving the store locator solution that has been made freely available to every pet industry manufacturer thanks to the World Pet Association.

After the presentation, the question across brands and local retailers was mostly unanimous: How Do We Sign Up? (We'll answer that here. Retailers can click HERE to sign-up and brands can get started HERE.

Brandon Swenson Show Floor Talk SuperZoo 2022

Claim Your NextPaw Store Listing to Reach New Customers

90% of shoppers visit a brand's website during their purchase journey - it’s time you won the sale. Sign up for NextPaw to sync to a network of store locators, get new shoppers, and grow your revenue for free. Retailers, Click here to create your account or login to an existing one. Brands & Manufacturers, Click here to apply.