Every Pet Professional Should Be Using Google My Business to Rank High on Google Maps

Using Google Maps for your pet-related business accomplishes two things. First, it can determine how your business website ranks when someone is doing a Google search for something you offer. The higher your business ranks on a page can affect traffic to your pet retail, wholesale, or service website. Second, the map shows your location so customers will readily know if your business location is convenient and only minutes away.

How to become one of those business websites that show up in map searches, for some, is a mystery, but it’s really very simple. The process requires just a few quick and easy steps to get those potential customer searches working for your business in a good way. Keep this in mind though, being on Google Maps is only the 1st step to ranking high in Google for pet businesses. There are many factors Google considers both on and off your website that influence how your business shows up to local pet parents.

The Importance of Ranking High on Google Maps

Whenever someone uses Google Maps to search for products and services related to pets such as pet food and flea product retailers, groomers, cat and dog boarding, pet sitters, professional services, and dog walkers, pet business owners want their business to show up in the search list as well as pinpointed on the map. If this isn’t happening, you’re missing out on an important aspect of marketing your business to the masses. When someone types in a search string, they’re on a mission to find a product or service, and they want that information quickly, on target, and specific to their needs. NextPaw helps pet businesses with the entire process of ranking high on Google, it’s what we’ve done for 15+ years, and we know what the process looks like. First, let’s get on Google Maps.

First Things First

Listed Business

If you’ve already placed and claimed your business on Google Maps, your focus is making the listing more attractive to potential customers. Online tools are available that will assess your business and provide tips to improve your standing.


Not Listed Business

When your business is not placed and claimed, the following steps will help guide you through the process.

Step 1. To get your business “on the map” and ranking high occurs when you sign up for your Google My Business. Do this by going to maps.google.com and typing in your business name in the search box.


Step 2. When the results come back that there is no business by that name, click the “Add a missing place” link,  which should be beneath the search box. You will also find the option if you click the menu tab located to the left of the search query. Clicking the link brings up an information/registration box. Here, you will provide your name, address, and the category type. Scroll the category list and select one that is most compatible with your business.


Step 3. Once you’ve filled out the form, scroll to the bottom of the information/registration box and click the “Claim this business”. You will receive an email from Google once your business address has been verified. The postcard will contain a PIN number to use to complete Google’s verification process.

Now that your pet business is listed and showing on Google maps, it’s important to keep your information current, up-to-date, and optimized. With your Google My Business account or mobile app, you can easily edit the information for your business. The more information you provide, the better the search results meaning an increase in traffic, which is the goal in attaining a successful business. Good luck!



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