Pet Business Tips for Adding Photos to Your Google My Business Profile

Your Google My Business listing is an important part of your marketing, especially for local customers. That listing can be more eye-catching and more inviting if it includes photos.

Because you’re in the pet business, it’s easy to take photos that your customers will love. Cute dogs, cats, small animals, and more will certainly get noticed by pet owners looking for a local business.

Adding Photos to Your Listing

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One of the interesting things about using Google My Business is that you can add photos of your business- and so can your customers. They can take a photo inside or of their pet using something they got there, and post it to the listing. That makes it important for your photos to stand out and to be the best quality possible.

Once your business listing has been verified, you can begin to add photos. There are four types of photos that you can dd:

  • Profile Photo: This is the photo that represents your business in your listing, much as an avatar does on sites like Twitter and Snapchat. This is often a photo of the outside of the retail location, but it doesn’t have to be. You can choose to use your company logo to build brand recognition and a cohesive look for your Google listing and all of your social media accounts.

  • Cover Picture: This is a photo that tells the public what your business does. This will usually be the photo that is posted as the first picture in your listing, and it will get plenty of views from customers. Sometimes this places your cover picture into searches that customers do in search engines, but it may not show up in them. Whatever you choose to photograph, make this one high-quality and professional to build trust.

  • General Photos: These pictures will be other photos that you post to your listing, and it’s also where photos uploaded by your customers will go. Having plenty of fun animal pictures is a great idea, but you also need photos that give a better idea of what kind of pet business you run.

  • Business Videos: You can create marketing videos and upload them to your listing if you choose. Many customers today prefer watching a quick video or two to get a good idea about what the business does instead of reading through the website. Keep the video upbeat and professional.


The Photos You Post

Google doesn’t have an excessive number of rules for photos, but there are a few that you need to follow.

  • The pictures must be in the PNG or JPG formats, and they must have a size that is anywhere from 10KB to 5MB.

  • The resolution of your photos must be at least 720px x 720px, and it should not use photo filters or have any major edits that would change the reality of what you are photographing.

  • If you decide to add a video, it must be 30 seconds or less in length, and it should be in a file that is 100MB or smaller. 

  • Always use the best lighting you can and a good camera that will take clear, high-resolution photos. The right picture can speak volumes about what you can do for your customers’ pets.

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