Power shoppers to find & buy your products in a local store.

Power the Shopping Journey from Purchase to Pickup or Delivery

A free, state-of-the-art, fully-customizable store locator for the pet industry that fixes the leaky sales funnel and completes the path to purchase.

A Store Locator Designed for Pet Brands and Local Retailers

Discover the only free store locator platform in the pet industry built specifically to guide shoppers through discovering products, finding local retailers, and completing a purchase without ever leaving your site.

Your Brand Gets

A free store locator that’s SEO optimized, verified store profiles for all of your retailers, a shop local widget for product pages, complete control of product details, and an analytics tool to help you stay on top of it all.

Your Retailers Get

A free dashboard of tools and a verified profile on your store locator designed for retailers to recieve direct sales from your website. Verified retailer profiles come complete with SMS messaging, store locator commerce, claimable promos, review management, & so much more.



Step 1

Be the Obvious Answer for “Where to Buy” Searches

Create a subscription, order, or giveaway offer and set custom paramaters for claim limits, website pop-ups, order payment links and more.

Step 2

Help Local Retailers Score Sales

Verified Retailer profiles give shoppers the power to place orders, send messages, call, get directions, read reviews, and more directly from local retailers without ever leaving your website.


Step 3

Make Your Product Pages Shoppable

Enable the Where to Buy widget to turn product pages into your newest sales channel. In-stock badges, on-profile commerce, & filters for pickup or delivery make it easier than ever to shop local.

Step 4

Stay in the Loop

Comprehensive analytics enable you to see the complete picture of how shoppers and retailers are interacting with your store.


Everything You Can Do With The NextPaw Store Locator

Store Locator

A free, state-of-the-art, fully-customizable store locator that enables shoppers to find and buy products from a local retail store.

Store Profiles

Feature local retailers with in-stock products, shoppable catalogues, claimable promos, pickup & delivery options, and more.

Catalog Control

Sync catalog data to retailers directly to ensure shoppers always see the most accurate product info no matter where they’re looking.

Bulk Management

One location or 100 - it doesn’t matter. Add, edit, and manage all retail locations from one, easy to use dashboard.

Complete Analytics

Stay on top of store locator performance, retail location engagement, & product demand anytime from the dashboard.

Tags & Check Ins

Manage retail contacts, organize or filter locations with custom tags, or add check in notes to any retail location profile.