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100% Free Social Media Service for Pet Stores

Steve’s Real Food has educated the pet retail industry for years using their Raw U education platform. We are now making raw education available for retailers to share through their social media channels, and it's done for you.

  • Get 3 posts/week to your Facebook and/or Instagram pages about raw feeding.
  • Each post includes an image designed to be liked, commented on, and/or shared.
  • Build your audience on social media sites and keep them engaged with your store.
  • Help educate and inform your customers about pet nutrition and health.
  • 100% free for Steve's Real Food retailers
Steve’s Feed is a great way hands-free way for you to proactively educate your online fan base about Raw Feeding and Nutrition.

Start Educating Your Fans!

3 posts distributed weekly
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Kaye Davis

Moab Barkery - Moab, Utah

"It's hard as a small business to find time to manage my Facebook and Instagram pages. Thankfully Seve's Feed does it for me by posting insightful, educational, and shareable content directly to my feed."


Sandy Cruze

Natural Treats - Ramsey, NJ

"The posts are fantastic! They're exactly what I was hoping for. It's great that I can educate my Facebook & Instagram fans on raw diets - completely hands free!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Steve’s Feed posts to your Facebook and Instagram account 2-3x/week about raw diets and general pet health. Each post includes an image and is written to be likable, shareable, and always engaging.
Yes! Steve's Feed is free forever to all Steve's Retailers.
Any Steve’s Real Food customer is eligible to participate in Steve’s Real Food. After you sign up, the team at Steve’s Real Food will verify that you are a retailer and will give NextPaw approval for your participation. If you are not currently a Steve’s Retailer, please contact Steve’s Real Food to find a local distributor near you. Steve's Real Food (801) 432-7478
Onboarding is simple:
  1. Once you sign up, you will be prompted to schedule a time to connect with a NextPaw team member to connect your Facebook and/or Instagram account, 100% securely to receive posts to your page(s).
  2. You will receive an email with the subject “Welcome to Steve’s Feed” with more information.
  3. Once connected, you will begin seeing new social posts show up on your Facebook and Instagram pages.
  4. If you have any further questions, sign up and upon talking with our team we will be able to assist in any way we can.
It's super easy - just fill out the form below and you're in!

Begin Educating

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