The 5 Reasons You Should Be Texting Your Pet Parents

Why You Need to Be Texting Your Customers:

Set yourself apart from the competition. Text messages are what can distinguish you from the store down the street because of the more personable approach they provide. Today, most people consider text messages the best way to deliver short and informative messages. Your pet retail business needs to get in on the action too.

Upgrade your pet parent’s customer and shopper experience with these 5 tips:

1) Text Messages Have a Higher Open and Read Rate

A point for you: A recent study from Campaign Monitor shows that an SMS open rate is as high as 98%, versus an email’s 20% open rate. It takes, on average, 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text, versus 90 minutes to respond to an email.
However, because text messages have such a high open-rate, customers are more sensitive to spam. Because of this, you should only text customers when you really have something important to say.

2) Text Your Customers Because It’s More Convenient, For Everyone Involved
Improve your customer experience.

A great rule of thumb when sending any text message to your pet parent is to ask yourself, “Would receiving this information in a text message provide greater convenience?”.

In many cases, the answer is clear. For example, you can easily:
– Confirm appointment
– Confirm an item is in stock
– Any store location questions

and many more with just a few text messages.

Additionally, text messaging can be done anywhere. The simplicity of a text message will translate to flexibility. Allow your customers the ease and agility to answer a text when walking back to their car or when waiting for the bus.

Email takes longer to respond because of the time and energy when sending an email. Phone calls from an unsaved contact usually go ignored and push notifications often get tuned out.

3) Easily respond to frequently asked questions with the autoresponder feature

Now your pet parents can get a quick and simple response to your store hours, if an item is in stock or when their curbside pick up is ready for them to grab and go. Make their shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.

A quick text to notify them that their order is ready. Your reliability and consistency are what keeps happy and loyal customers in your door. Now, pet parents don’t have to go through the hassle of calling the store, and you may be busy with other customers to answer the phones to give them the information they need. With the autoresponder, your pet parents will get the information they need and be on their way to your storefront!

Bonus tip: A happy pet parent is a happy retailer 🙂

4) Ask for payment directly through the secure checkout option via SMS

You can now ask for payment directly through SMS. A customer may have curbside pick-up and want to pay through their smartphone, easy! You can send a link that directs them to a secure checkout where they can input their credit card information, pay you, and be on their merry way.

This secure check-out can change the game for your pet retail business because now, payment is easier than ever, improving the shopping experience for your pet parents.

5) SMS Communication is one of the best ways to get your customers to interact with you

Improve your communication and connection with your pet parents when you communicate through SMS. If you think about it, who do you most text? Mostly your friends and family. So once your pet retail business can bridge the gap with your pet parents, you’re building a more personal connection.
You will also build loyalty with your customers because of the more personal relationship you build with them.

However, it is important to note that with text message communication comes great responsibility. You do not want to start sending too many messages to your pet parents because you run the risk of becoming spammy. The key is to only send text messages that have actual value to them.

Lastly, text message communication is building a more personal relationship with your pet parents and becomes a great way to receive more feedback about their shopping experience and gain their insight about your store. Plus, this is way better than reading a negative review on your Google My Business profile.



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