Turn website visitors into paying customers. It's that easy.

Text Enable Your Website

Let shoppers text your business from any page of your website. When you reply, the conversation continues right on their mobile device.

Your Website Visitors 
Send a Message

Make it easy for shoppers looking to book appointments, ask questions, or place an order to start a conversation from any page of your website.

You Convert Visitors to Customers

Conversations start on your website and transfer directly to your omnichannel inbox, making it easy for you to stay in touch without babysitting a live chat window.



Step 1

Be a Conversation Starter

Offer instant support, drive new sales, fill your books, and turn website visitors into customers with a 
no-hassel chat window on every 
page of your website.

Step 2

Responses on Auto

Set the right expectations by responding to new messages automatically with custom responses when you’re open or closed.


Step 3

Continue the Conversation

You don’t have to babysit the chat window - conversations instantly transfer to text so you can continue the chat on your own time.

Step 4

Manage Multi-Locations

One location or 100, it doesn’t matter - NextPaw ensures your message always gets delivered to the right place.


Step 5

Bring in Your Branding

Personalize the look and feel of your widget with custom colors, icons, messages, page layout options and more to match your store’s branding.

Everything You Can Do With NextPaw Webchat

No-Hassel Setup

Two lines of code pasted into your website’s header is all it takes to turn your website into a conversation starter.

Store Locator Sales

Attract new customers, start conversations and generate orders across brand website store locators.


Personalized auto-response text messages keep customers in the loop during every step of the shopping journey.

Custom Branding

Make your Webchat widget as custom as your business with color, icon, page layout 
and text options.

Unlimited CRM

Personalized contact profiles make it easy to review chat histories, order details, and keep crucial customer information within reach.

Mobile App

Respond to customer messages, book appointments, and make sales from anywhere with the NextPaw Mobile App.