Why Pet Retailers Need Text Communication

Pet businesses need to adapt during the global pandemic

Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, pet parents have turned their shopping habits online. In turn, a new form of B2C communication has been born, the text message. Yes, the text message has been around for a while now but since the pandemic, local businesses are using text messages as a new form of communication to speak with their customers.  

In May alone, pet parents have quadrupled their texts sent to their local pet store – over 65,000 messages! 

The fact of the matter: Dog moms have questions.

And they want quick answers. 

Especially in today’s digital world, pet parents need to know what’s going on in their favorite store at the click of a button. Before they drive to your store or place an online order, they typically want to ask a question on your website and receive an answer from a live human.  

When you allow your pet business to send, receive, and reply to text messages to your consumers, you’re adding a personal touch. Additionally, it allows you to reach your pet parents anytime and anywhere.

Because of this, you will also most likely see an increase in engagement with your customers due to the ease of sending a text. And an added bonus, you can even receive payments through your text messages so online purchases have never been easier.


5 benefits of adding text messages to your pet business

1) Personalized

When you enable text messages from your pet business to pet parents, you’re giving them the opportunity to speak with a real person! In turn, the engagement rate is higher because they know that they will receive genuine and real responses.

2) Immediate results

Text messages have a higher return rate because they are immediate and easier to use than email.

3) Increased customer engagement

Because customers are quicker and more apt to respond to text messages, you will have a higher engagement rate. Especially, after they know your response is from real people and not an automated robot, they are more willing to text when they have inquiries.

4) Higher response rate

Text messages have a higher response rate because people are texting now more than ever. It is the easiest and most used form of communication rather than a phone call or email.

5) Instant Payments

With text messages, you are also able to send, request, and receive payments from your pet parents. For example, if a pet parent is looking for a specific product in your store and they want to pop by and pick it up, you are able to request a payment, confirm payment, and then have them pick up the product easy as ever.

How to start texting your pet parents?


NextPaw makes asking questions easy and customizable by using webchat that goes through text messages. This will be your new secret weapon to start conversations and win over new customers.



BTW – accepting payments via text messages is actually so much easier than over the phone. 

If you aren’t staying up with the times, your competitors will pass you by.

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