Why You Should Be Using Google’s Business Messages

Customers have questions and they’re turning to Google for answers.

Over 63,000 searches are made on Google every second, an attractive and engaging Google My Business page is the only way for your business to stand out from the pack.

An optimized Google My Business listing is one of the most effective tools for businesses to boost online visibility and grow their customer base. Google’s Business Messages just made your listing even more powerful.

What are Google’s Business Messages?


Enable Google My Business Messaging with NextPaw

Google’s Business Messages is a free messenger tool that helps customers connect with you directly from your Google My Business listing. Shoppers can send you a message without having to click through to your website or give you a call. Pretty cool, right?

How Does It Work?

At its core, Google’s Business Messages is an instant messenger tool just like Facebook messenger or the NextPaw Webchat widget.

Activate the messaging feature and online shoppers will see a Chat button on your Google My Business listing. Customers can use Business Messages to connect with your business directly anytime and anywhere.

The best part? NextPaw’s unified inbox supports Business Messages – meaning new conversations go straight to your dashboard’s inbox like any other channel! This means that you’ve just opened up another line of communication with your customers without adding an extra place for your team to monitor every day. This is what we in the industry like to call a win-win!

Do customers care about Google’s Business Messages?

NextPaw helps pet industry retailers communicate with Google My Business Messaging
Oh yeah. In fact, 72% of respondents said that they were more likely to purchase from a business that offers chat or text messaging than those that don’t. Accessibility of communication is a big deal to consumers.

Online shopping decisions happen fast, in about 20 seconds, according to Nielsen. When customers are comparing businesses, they’re more likely to choose one that offers an easy way to ask questions or voice a concern.

Should I Use Google’s Business Messages?

We definitely think so.

It’s another easy way for customers to contact your business.

Customers make buying decisions quickly – convince them to shop with you by showing that you’re easy to get ahold of. The NextPaw unified inbox helps you manage conversations across the internet, including Google My Business, Facebook, Store Locators, and more.

It’s a great way to elevate the customer experience.

Pet parents have questions, and they want quick answers. Google’s Business Messages gives you a chance to get personal with your customers before they drive to your store or place an online order.

Take Advantage of Google’s Business Messages with NextPaw.

Messaging is one of the most important marketing tools for pet retail stores. NextPaw helps local independent pet retailers get found and chosen by pet parents across the top messaging platforms. Get back customers in their moment of need, anytime, anywhere using a multichannel messaging inbox connected to the sales channels your customers use when they need help.

Get started by claiming your free NextPaw business listing to control conversations from store locators across brands you sell in-store. Once signed up, take advantage of advanced messaging tools such as: unlimited SMS, a custom webchat widget to be placed on any website, PLUS a unified inbox for Facebook, Instagram, Google Search & Maps, and more!



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