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NextPaw interviewed Ann Sindt from Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Retail Store in Asheville and Candler, North Carolina to speak with her about her results after using our suite of tools to market her businesses.

"I'm in a place where most things are word of mouth. I advertise in the school newspapers but that has not helped, and is absolutely not worth it. It's like throwing money out the door. NextPaw has changed the way people interact with my business and it has put me in the forefront when it comes to getting new online reviews and traffic from search engines."

Answer: Almost 4 years now! It's funny, I scream at my husband for that all the time. (Laughter.) We were living in North FL and we were absolutely bored out of our minds, we weren't doing anything fun. My husband was a pharmaceutical rep and I was teaching as a tutor. We were not happy down there in Florida and we always wanted to live up here (In North Carolina.) We were visiting North Carolina for a trip one time, it was Halloween night, and it was absolutely beautiful weather and we were like 'Wait a second... Why are we in FL where we don't like, when we could move up here. So we ended up with a real estate agent, we sold our house in Florida and bought a house here in North Carolina. Now we needed a business, so my husband found this business (Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Location) for sale, and I instantly know. I figured that I would be doing most of the retail stuff and working in the store which is how it's been for the last 2.5 years, but I've also had a lot of great people really step up as well. So I guess you could say that we kind of got into this industry by accident. But we've always had dogs and it sounded like a good idea at the time and it still is. I like the industry.

Answer: I had actually seen you guys at a past buyers show, I'm not sure if I talked to anybody, but it was the Southeast Pet Expo. I wasn't quite sure what it was, my distributor rep my Southeast rep told me 'You should go check them out.' And I was like, running out the door to get in my car to drive home I didn't really give myself any time at the show. So that was the introduction but I am also in the Pet Boss Nation group and I just saw a NextPaw webinar a couple of weeks ago and I was very happy that I had signed up.

It's good, because I didn't really think I needed a website because Woof Gang Bakery has their website and we all have landing pages but you have to actually put in the location so if somebody wants to find out if there's a Woof Gang in Asheville then they have to go to the Woof Gang Bakery website. I had several people come in and ask if I actually had a website, but I didn't have one before.

Answer: I didn't have a website. People kept asking me for my website, and I know it's important to be found online and I wanted to make sure whoever I went with ensured that happened.

Answer: Yes! You guys made it very easy to see the value. I was a little nervous but I had my cousin with me when I met with NextPaw and he's my computer guy, he remotes in whenever I have a computer problem but my cousin keeps checking on the website and giving me feedback and he helped me with the domain name and all of that stuff. Through the years he's always helped and to see his excitement over NextPaw made it clear to me I need this.

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Increase in sales!

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming

The Villages, Florida

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Increase in sales!

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming

Savannah, GA

  • Pet Retail & Grooming
  • 6 Locations