Google My Business: Is It Replacing Pet Retail Websites?

Without a doubt, one of the most important online features for all industries, including pet retail businesses, is Google My Business. Furthermore, this resource has become so expansive that some people wonder if it is replacing pet retail websites. The short answer is no; pet retail businesses still need to make sure they have a robust website. On the other hand, Google My Business and pet retail websites can work hand-in-hand.

With Google My Business, it is possible for potential customers to:

  • Navigate directly to the website
  • Read posts located on the website or Google My Business profile.
  • Send a message to the business.
  • Call the business
  • Get directions to the pet retail store.

Even though it can be frustrating when customers try to handle everything through Google My Business instead of visiting the website, it is essential to make sure both of these tools work together.

Use the Most Important Features of Google My Business

When it comes to Google My Business, there are several areas that pet retail stores need to focus on. That way, they can get as much out of their Google My Business listing and pet retail website as possible. These include:

Optimize the Listing on Google My Business: The goal is to convince people to contact the pet store or visit the website from Google My Business listing. Therefore, all listings need to include the name, address, and phone number of the business. Make sure to include the business hours, photos of the store, and a link to the website.

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are still incredibly important for search engine optimization purposes and lead generation purposes. Pet retail stores and make sure they include a call to action for customers to leave reviews, answer customer questions as quickly as possible, and incorporate buttons and links to leave reviews on the website.

Google Posts: This is one of the newer features of Google My Business. With Google Posts, customers will be able to see content that they can read thoroughly. Then, pet retail stores can include a link for customers to sign up for something, purchase something, or learn more.

Questions and Answer: With Google My Business, potential visitors will have access to something known as a community Q&A. Even though this is only visible in mobile search results, it is critical for pet retail stores to monitor questions and answer them regularly.

Use Google Messaging: More potential customers expect to be able to contact the business through Google Messaging. Therefore, pet retail stores need to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to get in touch with them.

These are just a few of the top ways that pet retail stores can use Google My Business to drive traffic between their Google listing and their website.

Rely on the Help of NextPaw Technology for Pet Businesses

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