Google My Business takes on Facebook: How It Impacts Your Pet Business

Google Maps has updated and here’s what it means for your pet business.

There’s been quite a bit of buzz in the tech community lately, and it will affect how your pet business is seen on Google maps. While most social sites are introducing stories, Google is taking a different approach. The new feature, called “Community Feed ” includes posts from local areas. However, the way it’s structured is more like a scrollable feed. Users are able to “like” by pressing the thumbs up icon.

Find recent news, updates, and recommendations.

The feed, which will be found in the explore tab of the Google Maps app, is designed to make it easier to find recent news, updates, recommendations from the community. These posts are not just from people of the community. Your pet business can post your own offers, deals, updates, and more to appear on the feed. 

This is the first time that users are now able to scroll through a feed, rather than tapping on a specific business to receive updates and information. From the early testing stages, Google has found that business’ posts received more than double the number of views while on the feed than before the feed existed. 

Content posted by Google users that you follow

The community feed will also feature content posted by Google users that you follow, similarly to Instagram or Facebook news feed. They will also showcase recent reviews from Google’s local guides, and as a user who shares their knowledge will earn perks and early access to other Google features (can someone say incentives?!).

The difference between Updates and Explore

The difference between the Updates tab and Explore tab is with the updates tab users are able to see a feed that is similar to the business’ posts along with the news, recommendations, stories, and features to encourage discovery. While the Explore tab is where businesses are grouped at the top of the screen based on similarities. 

This update will enable businesses that are in similar groups to be sectioned by category at the top of the screen and the rest of the tab is dedicated to scrolling. The idea is to get more users to the Google app and find out what’s happening in their local areas.

More exposure means more responsibility


Now is the time to make sure that your pet business is on Google My Business and that all your information is relevant. Now that you have more opportunities for exposure, you can start posting regularly and increasing the eyes to your page.

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