The Top Changes To Google My Business in 2021 That Pet Businesses Should Note

This past year was a very busy one for Google My Business. Google My Business made numerous changes to improve its features, fix bugs, and adapt to a global pandemic. When it comes to pet businesses, there are several important changes that they should note.

Google My Business Improved Google Posts

First, many people noticed that there were numerous issues related to Google Posts. This is an important feature where pet businesses can post content directly to Google My Business that their customers can read directly. They can then purchase something, sign up for a service, or get redirected to the website. Unfortunately, the launch of Google Posts came with numerous bugs. These were fixed, and pet businesses should take advantage of everything this feature has to offer.

Google My Business Added Suggested Categories

Now, pet businesses can also add specific categories for their products. With the “suggested categories” section, mobile users can figure out more about specific products in the blink of an eye. Even though it might not impact rankings directly, this is still an important feature for the consumer’s experience.

Google My Business Adds New COVID Features

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic had a massive impact on 2021. Fortunately, Google My Business added a few new features specific to the pandemic. With these features, pet
businesses can:

  • Adjust their hours or list them as “temporarily closed.”
  • Shut off the ability to receive new reviews if they are temporarily closed
  • Create a specific post specific to the coronavirus pandemic

Pet businesses should take advantage of these features if the pandemic has impacted them.

Google My Business Adds Special Hours

Now, it is also possible for pet businesses to provide hours for special circumstances. For example, if there is a special event taking place on the weekend, this can be added to the special hours section. Or, if there are holiday hours that are taking place, they can add this to their hours. Businesses can even list extended hours that are specific for drive-thru or delivery purposes.

Google My Business Allows Pet Businesses To Flag Suspicious Profiles

Reviews are critical; however, not all reviews are genuine. If there is a specific profile that is leaving fake reviews, pet businesses can flag that profile. Then, fake reviews can be removed, ensuring that the pet businesses make the best impression possible on potential customers.

Google My Business Adds Performance Metrics

Finally, pet businesses can also take a closer look at their performance metrics. They can then add apps to the listing on Google search instead of going through the dashboard through Google My Business. This makes it easier for businesses to see what their customers see and make edits accordingly.

Use NextPaw Software To Take Advantage of All Google My Business Features

Google My Business remains one of the most important tools in the digital marketing world. Pet businesses must make sure they take advantage of it with the help of NextPaw Software. Contact us today to schedule your free tour!



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