Use Negative Reviews To Make a Positive Impact on Your Pet Business

If you run a pet store, then you want to make sure that you collect as many positive reviews as possible. On the other hand, negative reviews are not necessarily a bad thing. You can use negative reviews to your advantage if you know how to appropriately leverage them to improve your business. Take a look at a few helpful ways that you can turn negative reviews into positive ones for your pet business.

Advertise the Changes You Have Made To Correct Your Mistakes

No matter how well you run your business, mistakes are going to happen. You may become frustrated when these mistakes are highlighted in reviews that have been left by your customers. Do not overreact when someone leaves a review highlighting mistakes that you might have made. Instead, handle these mistakes well.

Do not sweep these negative reviews under the rug. Instead, focus on the support of your customers. Thank your customers for pointing out your mistakes and post publicly how you have addressed them. This will make your customers feel like a member of your team and encourage them to come back.

Place Negative Reviews in the Context of Superior Customer Service

Some of the negative reviews that your customers might leave will simply highlight small mistakes. For example, customers might misunderstand the difference between a 30-day return policy and a 14-day return window. When this happens, take the negative reviews that have been left by customers and include them in an “FAQ” section. Then, make sure that customers know where to find this FAQ so they can find the answers to misunderstandings they might have.

Before you post this FAQ section, check through your inbox and look for common issues your customers have. Then, train your employees to proactively anticipate concerns that your customers might raise. They might be able to prevent clients from making mistakes. This will help you improve the customer service of your business.

Place the Happiness of Your Customers First

Finally, always take the time to respond to the negative reviews that your customers might leave. When you respond to negative reviews, it shows your customers that you handle criticism well. When you own up to your mistakes, you immediately use negative reviews to your advantage.

Respond to negative reviews quickly and sincerely. Customers want to know that they matter to you just as much as your sales do. When you take the time to respond to negative reviews quickly, you demonstrate your commitment to providing high-quality customer service. You can even show employees how to respond to negative reviews in a compassionate way as part of a helpful tutorial.

Manage Your Reviews with the Help of NextPaw Software

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