What Online Reviews Say About Your Pet Retail Business

What Online Reviews Say About Your Pet Retail Business

Online reviews are one of the first things pet parents will look at your business. They are not just an indicator of your hours of operations, but it also represents how your values are represented. Additionally, Google uses reviews to rank your business higher on their page, so it also increases your visibility when pet parents are looking for a specific brand or retailer near them.

The dreaded reality:

“So I was going to go to a new shop the other day, but I checked out the reviews and decided I should just buy online from Chewy.  It wasn’t that the retailer had bad reviews- they didn’t have many recent reviews.  I really had no idea if they were open or if they were fully stocked.”

Don’t let this happen to you. 

It’s 2020. Everyone is checking reviews to confirm that you are open, your information is correct, and if you’re the business that is worth their time. The time is now to update your Google listing to ensure you have the accurate hours as well as recent and credible reviews.

Over 40% of millennials don’t trust reviews older than two weeks, let that sink in.

Additionally, out of every 10 millennials, 7 of them have a pet. This means you could be losing hundreds of new customers because you have no current reviews.
Google is the go-to destination for any question in terms of businesses. Instead of searching for the company website, people are turning to Google and Google reviews to get an accurate answer.
Take a look at Benson’s in Clifton Park, NY: Over 500 reviews in a few months. It’s an obvious choice for Pet Parents that Benson’s is open, clean, safe, and has what they need for their pets.

How you can increase your Google reviews

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