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NextPaw interviewed Beth Whitcomb from Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Retail Store in The Villages, Florida to speak with her about her results after using our suite of tools to market her businesses.

"NextPaw is an absolute dream for a business owner, and I can't believe people are missing out on it!"

Answer: I opened the store in 2015, but it was about a year long process of getting it open before that. Ultimately, it was a process that went from Dog Sport, to Dog Nutrition, and then the natural transition to want to get out there and talk to people about healthier pets.

Answer: It allows me to integrate all of my customers through MailChimp and automatically drives customers to the website. And, we are able to put on our promotions, in-store events, & coupons on our NextPaw site. We are able to get tons of 5-star reviews and recommendations by texting review requests. We can do a lot and it's all just so valuable.

Answer: We paid some guy $3-4k dollars to setup a website, and he came and took pictures. He did a decent job, but ultimately, the website died. I wrote a couple of blog articles but there was no reason for anybody to look at the site. Nobody went to the site, and why would they go there anyways? There were no coupons on it, there was no incentive to go there -so it died! And for years I never even looked at it.

Answer: There's a lot of reasons, first of all it's better than I ever imagined it being. I mean with 293 reviews and in a couple months?! Who else can do that? And it's easy; with a click of a button to get sales and answer questions, my staff are already doing it. Plus your customer support is great. It's just an amazing partnership and I'm super psyched.


236% Increase in Google Search Results in Just 3 Months!

The charts below illustrate Beth's page rankings within a 5-mile radius of her store when local pet owners searched for "pet store near me" > Only results (1-3) are on page 1 of Google.


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There are hundreds of pet retailers using NextPaw across the country to see success. These are a few examples from top retailers who love NextPaw. If you want a partner that will do everything in your best interest, it's NextPaw!

Increase in phone calls and website traffic!

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming

Asheville, North Carolina

  • Pet Retail & Grooming
  • 2 Locations

Increase in sales!

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming

Savannah, GA

  • Pet Retail & Grooming
  • 6 Locations