To Earn Positive Reviews for Your Pet Store, Incentivize Your Employees

If you run a pet business, then the reviews that your customers leave are important. How can you improve the reviews that your customers leave? You need to encourage your employees to provide exceptional customer service. When you create an incentive program, you push your employees to exceed the needs of your customers, increasing the positive reviews you get. At the same time, how can you choose the right incentives for your employees? There are a few key points to keep in mind.

Provide Better Parking Spots

It is amazing how much people care about their parking spots. When they can avoid walking a long distance in the cold, wet weather, people will spend a tremendous amount of time looking for the perfect parking spot. Therefore, provide VIP parking spots for those who collect the most positive reviews.

Make sure that you place a sign in front of that special spot so that your employees know that the program is real. It might even be helpful to hang a tag on the rearview mirror of the winner so that everyone knows that the spot hasn’t been poached by someone else.

Offer More Time Off

One major incentive that you can provide to your employees is extra time off. You can run a contest to see who can collect the most positive reviews. Remember that the more positive reviews your company gets from high-authority domains, the better your star rating is going to look on Google. As you run the contest, make sure that employees know that the prize is an extra day off. If you are feeling extra generous, make it a paid vacation day.

You can post updated results in the staff lounge so that employees know how they are doing when compared to their competitors. Employees will work extra hard to earn positive reviews from customers if they know they can get an extra vacation day out of it.

Provide Nap Vouchers

It is amazing how much employees want to take a nap while they are at work. Perhaps you have even felt this way yourself. The reality is that everyone is sleep deprived. Therefore, why not set up a small nap pod in the office? Employees can use this when they are on their breaks as long as they don’t go over; however, you can provide nap vouchers in exchange for positive reviews.

When employees earn enough positive reviews, they can earn a nap voucher. Then, they can swap these vouchers out for an hour in the nap pod (as long as the store isn’t swamped). There is a good chance that employees will be more productive when they wake up from this nap as well!

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